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Paul Fuller - President of the Chief Fire Officers Association

Paul FullerThe role of the Fire and Rescue Service in our community is increasingly pronounced and it is becoming more and more important for us to engage with our key stakeholders to generate greater understanding of the enormous breadth and intensity of the work that we do and support.

I am very pleased that the Chief Fire Officersí Association has been able to help support the steering group in bringing the early work forward from concept through to reality.

Clearly there are no more important stakeholders than those who represent and govern us in Parliament and it is important that our Ministers and MPís have the fullest possible experience and understanding of the capabilities and pressures facing their Fire and Rescue Service.

The Fire Service Parliamentary Scheme provides a national approach to a very locally delivered partnership between the Fire and Rescue Services and Parliamentarians and I am completely committed to this very valuable scheme.

I hope you will find this brochure interesting and even more than that to encourage both Fire and Rescue Services and their local MPís to seize the opportunities it offers.

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